Chapter 1: Introduction Bioproduction EngineeringAn Evolution of Ecofriendly Sustainable Agriculture

Chapter 2: Sensors for Intelligent Systems in Agriculture: Environmental Recognition through Sensing and Perception

Chapter 3: Control and Navigation for Intelligent Systems in Agriculture: Productivity and Intelligent Control Systems through Sensing

Chapter 4: Sensors for Monitoring Agricultural Productivity: The Use of Sensors in the Practice of Agricultural Operations to Determine the Optimum Amount of and Location for Precision Agriculture

Chapter 5: Spectral Imagery and Remote Sensing in Agriculture: Understanding Plant Biophysical Properties as a Data Approach for Establishing Decision Support Systems in Agriculture

Chapter 6: GIS and Decision Support Systems in Agriculture: Modeling for Solving Critical Problems in Agricultural Productions

Chapter 7: System Design for Renewable Energy Resources in Agriculture: System Informatics and Decision Support Systems for Achieving Sustainability

Chapter 8: System Hierarchy for Determining the Potential of Renewable Energy in Agriculture: AHP/ANP Decision Support Systems for Renewable Energy and Sustainability