Doctoral Program

Rubaya Binte Mustafiz
Inventory Planning for Diversified Crop Production for Food Security Using Satellite Remote Sensing, Research Supervisor, 2018-2021.
Animesh Chandra Das
Integrating an Expert System, GIS, and Satellite Remote Sensing to Evaluate Land Suitability for Sustainable Tea Production in Bangladesh, Research Supervisor, 2018-2021.
Workneh Wubamlak Ayichew
Promoting Climate Resilient and Sustainable Agriculture in Ethiopia: The Impact of Adopting Enhanced Input Technologies on Farmers’ Livelihood Improvement, Research Supervisor, 2020- 2023.
Muhammad Iqbal Habibie
Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS-based Land Suitability Assessment for Yield Prediction of Maize Using Machine Learning Approach, Research Supervisor, 2016-2020.
Nety Nurda
Satellite Remote Sensing Application for Forest Productivity and Carbon Stock Analysis: A Sustainable Forest Management System for Indonesia, Research Supervisor, 2017-2020.
Gao Pengbo
Development of Multi-purpose Low Input Spraying System for Autonomous Vehicle, Research supervisor, 2016-2019.
Yan Zhang
Development of a Machine Learning System for Safety of Operators in Agricultural Farm Environments Using Machine Vision, 2016-2019
Md. Monjurul Islam
Land Suitability Analysis for Rice Production in the Northern Regions of Bangladesh: Introducing Geo-Spatial Insurance Premium Research Supervisor 2015-2018. Presently Serving Associate Professor and Head, Faculty of Agriculture, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Bangladesh) 
Nazia Muhsin
LULC Analysis for Sustainable Land Use Planning and Monitoring Using GIS and Remote Sensing, Research Supervisor  2015-2018, (Assistant Professor, BGMEA University Bangladesh)
Riska Ayu Purnamasari
Integrating Expert System, GIS, and Remote Sensing to Evaluate Land Suitability for Yield Prediction of Cassava in Indonesia, Research Supervisor, 2015-2018( Presently Serving Researcher, MITI, Indonesia)
Yuttana Khaehanchanpong
PhD. Agricultural Mechanization in Thailand: Design and Development of Machinery Implement for Small-Scale Farmers, Research Supervisor, 2014-2018. (Presently serving Senior Research Engineer, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand)

Linhuan Zhang. Leader-Follower Tracking System for Agricultural Vehicles-Fusion of Laser and Odometry Positioning Using Extended Kalman Filter, Major Research Co-supervisor, and Member of Thesis Advisory Committee, 2011-2015.  (Presently Serving, Research Engineer, Maruyama Agricultural Machineries, Japan).

Pawin Thanpattranon. Detection of Landmarks Using Laser Range Finder for Autonomous Tractor Navigation, Major Co-supervisor and Member of Thesis Advisory Committee, 2014-2015. (Presently Serving, Lecturer, Kasetsart University, KPS, Thailand)