Doctoral Program

Muhammad Iqbal Habibie, Doctoral Program (4th  year). Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS-based Land Suitability Assessment for Yield Prediction of Maize Using Machine Learning Approach, Research Supervisor, 2016-2020.
Nety Nurda, Doctoral Program (3rd year). Satellite Remote Sensing Application for Forest Productivity and Carbon Stock Analysis: A Sustainable Forest Management System for Indonesia, Research Supervisor, 2017-2020.

Gao Pengbo, Doctoral Program (3rd year). Development of Multi-purpose Low Input Spraying System for Autonomous Vehicle, Research supervisor, 2016-2019.

Yan Zhang, Doctoral Program (3rd  year). Development of a Machine Learning System for Safety of Operators in Agricultural Farm Environments Using Machine Vision, 2016-2019

Md. Monjurul Islam, PhD. Land Suitability Analysis for Rice Production in the Northern Regions of Bangladesh: Introducing Geo-Spatial Insurance Premium Research Suoervisor 2015-201(Presently Serving Associate Professor and Head, Faculty of Agriculture, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University , Bangladesh) 

Nazia Muhsin, PhDLULC Analysis for Sustainable Land Use Planning and Monitoring Using GIS and Remote Sensing, Research Suoervisor  2015-2018, (Assistant Professor, BGMEA University Bangladesh)

Riska Ayu Punamasari Integrating Expert System, GIS, and Remote Sensing to Evaluate Land Suitability for Yield Prediction of Cassava in Indonesia, Research Suoervisor, 2015-2018( Presently Serving Researcher, MITI, Indonesia)

Yuttana Khaehanchanpong, PhD. Agricultural Mechanization in Thailand: Design and Development of Machinery Implements for Small-Scale Farmers, Research Supervisor, 2014-2018. (Presently serving Senior Research Engineer, Ministry of Agriculture, Thailand)

  • Linhuan Zhang, PhD, Leader-Follower Tracking System for Agricultural Vehicles-Fusion of Laser and Odometry Positioning Using Extended Kalman Filter, Major Research Co-supervisor, and Member of Thesis Advisory Committee, 2011-2015.  (Presently Serving, Research Engineer, Maruyama Agricultural Machineries, Japan).
  • Pawin Thanpattranon, PhD, Detection of Landmarks Using Laser Range Finder for Autonomous Tractor Navigation, Major Co-supervisor and Member of Thesis Advisory Committee, 2014-2015. (Presently Serving, Lecturer, Kasetsart University, KPS, Thailand)