Doctoral Program

Md. Monirul Islam
Yield Forecasting of Paddy to Optimize Agricultural Subsidy in Flashflood Affected Areas of Bangladesh: An Integrated Approach for Utilization of Bioresources to Ensure Sustainable Livelihoods, Research Supervisor, 2019-2022.
Sara Tokhi Arab
Prediction of Yield and Insurance Subsidy System in Grape Production, Research Supervisor, 2019-2022.
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Md. Shamsuzzoha
Machine Learning Approach for Damage, Loss and Needs Assessment of Rice Crops due to Tropical Cyclones in Coastal Areas using Satellite Remote Sensing, Research Supervisor, 2019- 2022.
Chau Nguyen Thi
The Impact of Introducing New Technologies on Rice Production in Vietnam, Research Supervisor, 2019- 2022.
Kazi Faiz Alam
Deep Neural Network System for Land Transformation System for Large River System using Time Series Satellite Imagery, Research Supervisor, 2020- 2023.
Munirah Hayati
Integrating IoT and Machine Learning for Plant Growth in Aeroponic Indoor Farming​, Research Supervisor, 2021- 2024.