Doctoral Program

Animesh Chandra Saha Doctoral Program ( 2nd  year). IoT Application for Vegetabale Production, Research Supervisor, 2018-2021.
Rubaya Binte Mustafiz, ( 2nd  year). Inventory Planning for Diversified Crop Production for Food Security Using Satellite Remote Sensing, Research Supervisor, 2018-2021.
Md. Monirul Islam, ( 2nd  year). Yield Forecasting and Geo-spatial Insurance for Hoar Areas of Bangladesh, Research Supervisor, 2019-2021.
Sara Tokhi Arab Master Program ( 1st Year). Prediction of Yield and Insurance Subsidy system in Grape Production, Research Supervisor, 2017-2019

Emergency Response System for Reducing Damages from Cyclone Risks in Agricultural Crops and Introducing Geo-spatial Insurances in the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh