Masters Program

Nakaguchi Victor Masaki
Development of Spray Nozzles Coverage Evaluation Methodology Using Computational Vision, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Arkar Minn
Application of Field Robotics Techniques To Develop A Combination of Laser Scanner and RTK GPS for Multi-Crop Seeder, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Takeshi Yu
Development of Intelligent Robotics System for Automation with 3Dcamera, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Pan Siyu
Development of End Effector in Apple Picking, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Nakamura Taise
Development of Automatic Navigation System for Weeders in Paddy Fields, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Wu Shiran
Research on Localization and Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicle Based on Visual-SLAM, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Wu Di
Design of Navigation System for Transportation Mobile Robot for Agricultural Farms, Research Supervisor, 2021-2023.
Zhang Hengyi.
Agricultural Field Work Evaluation Using Convolutional Neural Network from UAV Datasets, 2021-2023.
Chen Lulu
Development AI-based IoT Greenhouse Control System for Environmental Parameters, 2021-2023.
Aung Myint Htun
Application of Field Robotics Techniques Using UAV for Precision Agriculture to Minimize Drifts of Herbicides in Spraying, 2021-2023.
Mohammad Hussain Seyar
Development of an Automatic Irrigation Scheduling System for In-field Tomato Production and Evaluating Water Use Efficiency under Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation System, 2021-2023.
Wang Yan
Development of Automatic Navigation System of Agricultural Machinery Based on UAV with Image Recognition, 2021-2023
Liu Yuxin
Unmanned tractor system navigates in the roads based on GPS&IMU, Mask-RCNN and Signals of Opportunity technique, Research Supervisor, 2022-2024.
Nay Lin Tun
Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Four Rows Rice Weeder to develop the Agricultural Sector in Myanmar, Research Supervisor, 2022-2024