Undergraduate Program

Raka Thoriq, GIS-based Land Suitability Analysis for Coffee Plantation. Study Area: Majalengka District, West Java, 2016-2020

Ariyadeth VONGPHASOUK, Biomass Estimation of Chinese Cabbage using UAV Imagery, 2016-2020

Srinophakun Pachara, Undergraduate 4th grade, Using GIS with soil sampling to map and evaluation on land sustainability and suitability of Rayong province, Thailand. 2016-2020

Suzuki Shinkichi, Undergrad 4th Year, Deep Learning System To recognize Quality Green Tea Leaves Using CNN for UAV-based Multispectral Imagery.

Kouki Taniguchi. Development of automation system for Japanese pear fruits thinning operation.

Arga Rana Ruseno, Undergrad 4th  Grade. GIS & Forestry. 2018-2019

Addie Ira Borja Parico, Undergrad 4th  Grade. Remote Sensing in Agriculture. 2018-2019

Fatima Takeda Khoerunnisa, Undergrad 4th  Grade. Mapping and Monitoring of Chili Production. 2018-2019

Thuc Anh Ngo, Undergrad 4rd Grade ( Scheduled Early Graduation). Development of IoT-based Automatic Micro-controller Irrigation system for Multi-layered Garden to Produce Leafy Vegetables. 2017-2019 ( March)

Utami Nadia Putri, Undergrad Program (4th Year, Scheduled Graduation). Agricultural Land Use Planning in the Suberb Areas of Indonesia, Research Supervisor, 2016-2017.