Chapter 1: A Review of Remote Sensing Applications in Agriculture and Forestry to Establish Big Data Analytics

Chapter 2: Calorie-Based Seasonal Multicrop Land Suitability Analysis Using GIS and Remote Sensing for Regional Food Nutrition Security in Bangladesh

Chapter 3: Agricultural Land Suitability Assessment Using Satellite Remote Sensing-Derived Soil-Vegetation Indices

Chapter 4: Land Suitability Assessment for Cassava Production in Indonesia Using GIS, Remote Sensing, and Multi-Criteria Analysis

Chapter 5: Drought Estimation from Vegetation Phenology Analysis of Maize in Indonesia Using Deep Learning Algorithm

Chapter 6: Land Suitability Analysis for Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Production Using Satellite Remote Sensing, GIS, and Analytical Hierarchy Process

Chapter 7: GIS-Based MCA Modeling to Locate Suitable Industrial Sites in Suburb Areas of Bangladesh for Sustainability of Agricultural Lands

Chapter 8: Change Detection and Land Suitability Analysis for Extension of Potential Forest Areas in Indonesia Using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS

Chapter 9: Estimating Productivity and Carbon Stock Using Phonological Indices from Satellite Remote Sensing in Indonesia

Chapter 10: GEE-Based Spatiotemporal Evolution of Deforestation Monitoring in Malaysia and Its Drivers

Chapter 11: Climate-Resilient Agriculture Assessment, Targeting and Prioritization for the Adaptation, and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture (AMIA) in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

Chapter 12: A Review on Innovation of Remote Sensing Technology Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Sugarcane Production in Tropical Region

Chapter 13: Big Data Scheme from Remote Sensing Applications: Concluding Notes for Agriculture and Forestry Applications