Doctoral Program

R M Rasika D Abeyrathna
Design and Development of Autonomous Apple Harvesting Robot, 2021-2024.
Liu Zifu
Orchard Harvesting Robot, 2022- 2025.
Rizky Mulya Sampurno
Autonomous Weeder for Orchard using UGV Based on Deep Learning and SLAM, 2022- 2025.
Jiang Ailian
Development of Autonomous Navigation Spraying Robot for Orchard Using LiDAR and Thermal Camera, 2022-2025.
Ithiphat Opasatian
Development of Automatic Navigation System for Mechanical Weeder in Cassava Field, 2022-2025.
Nakaguchi Victor Massaki
Development of Deep Learning Machine Vision Systems for Quail Smart Farming, 2023-2026.
Bryan Vivas Apacionado
Smart Precision Canopy Management of Orchard Trees Using 3D Image Analysis, 2023-2026.
Nelundeniyage Sumuduni L. Senevirathne
Image Processing-Aided Detection of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Availability, 2023- 2026.
Arkar Minn
Development of Autonomous Fertilizer Spreading and Herbicide Spraying System for Orchard, 2023- 2026.
Parwit Chutichaimaytar
Development of Automatic Adaptive Light System in Plant Factory with Artificial Light (PFAL), 2023- 2026.