Master’s Program

Wang Yan
Development of Automatic Navigation System of Agricultural Machinery Based on UAV with Image Recognition, 2021-2023
Liu Yuxin
Unmanned tractor system navigates in the roads based on GPS&IMU, Mask-RCNN and Signals of Opportunity technique, Research Supervisor, 2022-2024.
Nay Lin Tun
Design and Fabrication of Autonomous Four Rows Rice Weeder to develop the Agricultural Sector in Myanmar, Research Supervisor, 2022-2024
Raka Thoriq Araaf
Coffee Leaf Rust (Hemileia Vastatrix) Detection Using Deep Learning Algorithm, 2022-2024
Zhang Shuxun
Disease Detection for Spinach Leaves and Pesticide Spray System based on Images, 2022-2024
Hikmatullah Malik
Development of Smart Pesticides and Water Application system for Grapes Production, 2023-2025