TGSW 2020 Session 6-10, September 30: 12:25~17:00 JST

Agriculture X AI: Self Sufficiency in Food Production to Achieve Society 5.0 and SDG’s Globally

South and Southeast Asia are one of the major agricultural hubs of the world, facing challenges of climate change and feeding the fast-growing population.  To solve the crisis, a transboundary approaches along with AI and BIG data for Bioinformatics are required  to increase yield and minimize pre-post harvest losses in intangible climates for driving the sustainable development goal (SDG) for feeding the major part of 9 billion population by 2050 (Society 5.0 SDG 1 &2). The aim of the session is to focus on the  solution through smart IoT and AI-based agriculture included genetic adaptation against drought and pest infestation, minimizing agricultural fertilizers and pesticide application to ensure food security.